Private Events & Parties

Private Events & Parties

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What's included

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a fully licensed bar with staff.

11pm per standard booking but an extra hour extension is available at an extra cost.

Yes, this can be pre-arranged in the booking process.


No. It is an open site, and is open for all to enjoy.

The charge is for venue hire only but you do have access to our 12 acre grounds for photos and certain activities.

No, but you are welcome to bring your own.

Yes, depending on the package.

No, but we can help with a supplier if you would like us to.

Yes, we will provide you with all the glasses you will need.

A corkage fee is commonly charged by the bottle at many wedding venues & hotels for any alcohol to be provided by the person and not the establishment.

Only when paying corkage fee for wine for your meal, reception drinks and toast.

The music will need to stop at 11.15pm for a standard booking, allowing 45 minutes for DJ/band to pack away, and for guests to leave by midnight.

No, the building is a Scheduled Ancient Monument and we do our best to protect the site. Besides, LED candles are great and relatively inexpensive.

Sorry, we don’t allow straw or hay bales.

Yes, unless you have asked for a late licence.

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How to find us

Bradwell Abbey
Alston Drive
Milton Keynes
MK13 9AP