The year is 1585, Elizabeth Tudor is Queen and it is 100 years after her grandfather Henry VII defeated Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth. The local town is celebrating in honour of our Queen and her lineage. Amongst the festivities however, some people are up to no good; what will happen to them?


(x20 minutes)

Who were the Tudors?

Travel back in time to the Tudors and find out who these people were and who were the Kings and Queens that helped to shape our national identity.


  • Gain perspective in time
  • Identify the Tudor Monarchs and their order/relation


(x50 minutes)

The Battle of Bosworth – Performance

Enjoy and participate in this rehearsal of a new play written by a travelling aspiring playwright. Will has written a play about Queen Elizabeth’s heroic grandfather Henry Tudor in an attempt to win her favour.


  • Learn about the life of actors in Elizabethan Theatre
  • Learn about the build up to and the events of the Battle of Bosworth
  • Playwrights changed the truth to appeal to their audience

Daily Life - Activities

What was life like for the common folk, the everyday people like you and I? How did they live, what did they eat, how did they learn? Find out about their tools and remedies and decide if they were good or bad!


  • What was life like for children
  • Who got to go to school
  • The link between schools, the church and the dissolution of the monasteries
  • What were some of the beliefs and medicinal cures of the Tudors

Crime and Punishment – Roleplay

Keeping law and order is very important to deter scoundrels and ne’er do wells. Accusations have been about some locals conducting mischief; hopefully you weren’t one of them. For those found guilty, what would be a suitable punishment?


  • What were some of the crimes
  • Are those crimes current today?
  • What were some of the punishments
  • How are Tudor punishments different to the modern day?
  • How Tudors decided guilty or not guilty


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