Stone Age / Pre-History

Stone Age & Pre-history

The year is 5,000BC. Your tribe has just successfully won territory against another tribe but one of your warriors has fallen. In celebration of our victory we are about to go on a great hunt so that we can feast. We will also record our victories on the walls of our cave so that the children of our children will know of our greatness for years to come.


(x20 minutes)

Travelling in Time (Demonstration)

Just how far back in time was the Stone Age and how long did it last? Where does it fit in with other periods in history? Journey back in time to find out!


  • Understand where the Stone-Age fits in Britain’s timeline
  • Children to gauge an idea of time relative to their own age


(x45 minutes)

Now Move This (Problem Solving)

How did people move huge stones weighing many tonnes sometimes hundreds of miles? Will you be able to do the same?


  • What is the origin of technology
  • How innovations can make our lives easier and enable us to achieve more
  • Advances in technology meant that we could settle creating society and civilisation

Leave Your Mark (Craft)

Your ancestors left their mark in caves thousands of years ago showing animals, hunting and more. Make your own pre-historic cave painting so you can leave your mark for people in years to come.


  • The origins of art
  • Were people recording events or trying to encourage certain outcomes?
  • Stylised art. Even after tens of thousands of years you can tell what most things are because distinguishing features are captured.

Prepare for the Hunt (handling & demonstration)

If you are going to eat you need to find food. In the Stone Age you can look for nuts and berries, or hunt for food, but how?


  • What types of weapons/tools Stone-Age people have
  • What sort of things they would hunt
  • How they would hunt
  • How do you preserve meat from a hunt?
  • Do you use all of the animal?


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