The year is AD 310. The residents at Bancroft Roman Villa are preparing for renovations including a new bathroom and mosaics. They are celebrating by preparing for a feast. The family has heard that their son Lucilus, a Centurion who is based at the nearby fort of Magiovinium will be retiring soon and so have invited many important Roman citizens from around the area in celebration. In his absence Lucilus has left his Optio (second in command) Fatalis in charge of training new recruits.


(x20 minutes)

Travelling in Time (Demonstration)

Just how far back in time did the Romans tread upon these lands of ours? Where do they fit in with other periods in history? Journey back in time to find out!


  • Understand where the Romans fit in Britain’s timeline
  • Children to gauge an idea of time relative to their own age

The Dawn of Rome (interactive Storytelling)

Have you heard the legends? Of how it all began and how Rome got its name? Learn of the origin of the capital of the world and bring the legend to life.


  • Learn how the Romans believed the city of Rome was founded


(x45 minutes)

Join the Roman Army (Re-enactor)

Meet Fatalis who is recruiting new soldiers for his legion. Fatalis will show you what weapons and armour you will need, how to march like Roman Legionaries and what games soldiers played when they weren’t fighting.


  • When did the Romans conquer Britain
  • Why did the Romans need to expand their empire
  • Weapons and armour of a Roman soldier
  • Roman everyday technology
  • The importance of training and discipline in the Roman army
  • Latin military commands
  • How to play Roman games

A Roman Banquet (Roleplay)

Get in costume and take part in a Roman banquet. Will you be an honoured guest or will you be a slave? Find out about some of the strange things Romans used to eat!


  • Types of food served at a Roman banquet
  • Social hierarchies of nobles and slaves
  • Customs and superstitions
  • The importance of religion and superstition in everyday life
  • How to play Roman games

Explore the Villa (Problem Solving)

Become an archaeologist and learn how to look for clues to unlock the secrets of the past.

If you are bringing 70-90 children then you will require a coach to remain with you for the day to ferry the groups to and from the villa. With less than 70 we can reconfigure the day so that this is not necessary.


  • What is Archaeology
  • Looking for clues, how do we find out about the past
  • Knowing the difference between 'knowing' and 'a best guess'
  • Roman bathing practices
  • Comparing Roman lifestyle and homes with modern days

Train with the Mosaics Masters (Craft) +£2 per child supplement

Step into the mosaic academy. Learn what mosaics are, the stories they tell and have a go at making your own.


  • Learn about Roman art styles
  • How were mosaics made
  • Make a Roman-style mosaic to take home
  • The stories portrayed in mosaics
  • Wealth and mosaics

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