(x20 minutes)

Travelling in Time (Demonstration)

Just how far back in time was the Middle Ages and how long did it last? Where does it fit in with other periods in history? Journey back in time to find out!


  • Understand where the Middle Ages fits in Britain’s timeline
  • Children to gauge an idea of time relative to their own age


(x45 minutes)


What was the purpose of pilgrimage? Who were pilgrims? Why was Bradwell Abbey in Milton Keynes a pilgrimage site?


  • Learn about the origins of medieval pilgrims and their place at Bradwell Abbey
  • Learn about medieval religious practises, iconography, relics and finance
  • Learn about pilgrims in local culture using medieval literature and wall paintings

Session 1) Meet Brother Matthias and learn about pilgrims through the eyes of the monks of Bradwell Abbey, Margery Kempe and the Canterbury Tales. This will involve hearing, learning and speaking some Middle English!

Session 2) Craft. Using the Bradwell Abbey pilgrimage badge, make your own pilgrimage badge, and also your own to-scale cut out and keep Bradwell Abbey 14th century Pilgrimage Chapel treasure box!

Session 3) Go on pilgrimage! Meet Margery Kempe and the Wife of Bath as they go on pilgrimage to Canterbury, stopping on the way to visit the Bradwell Abbey Pilgrimage Chapel. This will involve dressing up, walking through the medieval site past our own ‘Creepy Monk’, and visiting the 14th century Pilgrimage Chapel. Here you will see the Grade I Listed wall paintings and learn about the story of the chapel and the people who built it.

Castles, Knights, Damsels in Distress and Disease

What do you know about medieval legends? Have you ever been inside a medieval castle? Would you like to be a knight, a lord, or a lady? Did everybody live this way? What did they wear? What did people eat and drink and how did they use medicine?


  • Learn about the types of buildings people lived in, and how they lived
  • Learn about kings, Queens, Lords, Knights and Ladies, and ordinary people too, and some of the legends we have grown up with
  • Have fun making your own medieval weaponry and castle models to keep!
  • Learn about medieval medicine and herb lore

Session 1) Castles, and who lived where. How did a castle work? Who lived in it, and who lived under its protection? See examples of medieval castles and learn about how they operated on a day to day basis and also while under siege.

Session 2) Craft. Make your own sword and shield, learn about heraldry and prepare to defend the castle! Have fun with our artist designing and decorating your own take-home medieval castle!

Session 3) Visit our medieval herb garden with our medieval apothecary, and learn about medicine, herb lore and and magic. Meet the Lady Morgana from the Morte D’Arthur and learn about her legend. Hear about the Black Death and how it affected the local population. Includes a take home herb posy.


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