Anglo Saxons / Vikings

Anglo-Saxons & Vikings

The year is AD 878. Alfred the Great has successfully defeated the Danish King Guthrum forcing him to convert to Christianity and bringing peace to the land. At home in Blaeca’s Clearing (now known as Bletch-ley) the village prepares to welcome home the heroes. The Warriors, weary from battle, bring with them fallen brothers, one of whom is the chief himself. A local monk has also travelled to the area to see to the preparations and offer his support.

Introduction (Storytelling)

(x20 minutes)

How it all Began

Hear the tale of the Norse creation myth and the Legend of Ragnarok (the end of all things) and learn the belief system that shaped the world of the Scandinavians.


  • Introduce children to the foundation of Scandinavian culture.
  • Appreciate the difference between how the Scandinavians believed that the world was created 1,000 years ago compared with what is believed now.


(50 minutes each)

The Vikings are Coming (story telling)

Learn about some of the great warriors that inspired the Vikings to travel, seeking new lands and adventure.


  • Understand some of the reasons why Scandinavians became raiders
  • Understand what Vikings really were
  • Learn about the hygiene and ingenuity of the Vikings

Life in the Homestead (craft)

While the men are off fighting there is plenty to be done at home. Learn about food and crafts and the people who are keeping the house together.


  • Learn what life was like when not at war and for women and children in the homestead.
  • Learn about how people made fabric 1,000 years ago
  • What did Anglo-Saxons do for fun?

What’s in a Name?

Who said that the Angles couldn’t write? Learn to write your name in runes and if you feel brave set up a new settlement. But what will you call it?


  • Learn about the meaning of place names and where the 'English' language comes from.
  • Learn about Runes, that the Anglo-Saxons could read and write and learn how to write your own name in runes.

Prepare For War (+ £2 supplement per child)

The war with Guthrum is now over but peace never lasts so sharpen your axes and heave your shields! For you never know when you will need to defend your village.


  • Encourage children’s creativity in a historic subject to help create a higher level of engagement
  • Children will make a shield and an axe


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