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We look after thousands of 35mm slides and photographic prints, originally as duplicates on behalf of English Partnerships (successor body to the Milton Keynes Development Corporation). These images chart the development of the new town from farming fields and historic buildings of the late 1960s to the theatre and gallery development approaching the new millennium.

The catalogue for this collection is online and available now, and we are working on uploading the images for each record.

How can I use the images?

The images are and remain the property of Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre and are made available under the Open Government Licence v3.0. You can use them for private, non-commercial research purposes only – any other usage requires permission from us and may incur a fee. Please contact us with more details.

How do I use the catalogue?

You can either search or browse the catalogue. To browse, click the link at the bottom of this page. To search, click the link and then click on “Search again on Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre” towards the top left of the page. You will be taken to our eHive profile. On that page there is a search box under “Search MKCDC’s Collection”. In this box make sure your search always starts with collection: “Image Archive” AND. After the AND you can put your search term. If it’s more than one word, put quotation marks around the phrase.


collection: “Image Archive” AND oldbrook

collection: “Image Archive” AND redway*

collection: “Image Archive” AND “bradwell common”

The asterisk in the second example makes sure the search will return all records that contain both redway and redways.

How can I see images that are not available online?

We can provide up to ten low resolution images from the Image Archive for no charge upon completion of a copyright declaration. Note down the reference numbers for the images you would like to have copies of (this is the ‘Object Number’ in the catalogue record) and contact us for a copyright declaration. If you require more than ten images, there is a £5 +VAT charge per image over ten.

Can I get high resolution copies?

We can provide high resolution images for publication for a charge. Please contact us for more details. Please note, we don’t own the copyright to the majority of images in the Image Archive and it is your responsibility to clear any intellectual property rights prior to publication.

Copyright Disputes

We have made every effort to clear copyright and other intellectual property rights prior to making material available online. If you feel you own the copyright to any image we have made available online, please see our Notice and Takedown Policy to help us resolve this.

Corrections, Additions, Amendments

If you have any corrections to an image’s catalogue record, or further information you think it would be useful to include, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us with the image reference number (this is the ‘Object Number’ in the catalogue record) and the correction/addition.

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