Unknown locations


The volunteers at Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre have identified the exact locations of over 1,500
images in the Kitchener Collection. But we need your help too! The exact locations of the 165 images on
this page remain a mystery to us – do you know where they are?

What We Are Looking For

We want the details for the spot Maurice Kitchener would have stood to take the photograph. So not
necessarily details for the spot of the building or street, but from whereabouts on the street he would
have been taking the picture.

Details To Send Us

Latitude and Longitude Bearing: e.g. 52.047288, -0.79502789 OS Grid Reference: e.g. SP827394
Postcode: e.g. MK13 9AP

A useful website for finding these details is UK Grid Reference Finder (https://gridreferencefinder.com/).

Then all you need to do is send them to us! Sign up via HeritageMK Volunteers Makers platform and
accept the challenge here: http://heritagemk.volunteermakers.org/get-involved/hour-or-two/identify-historic-local-images/24/

Photographs are arranged by county (Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and
Northamptonshire) and within each county by place.