Highlights – Gawcott


Gawcott is a village about one and a half miles southwest of Buckingham. The name is derived from the Old English for “cottage for which rent is payable”.

Gawcott Church, facing SW

Holy Trinity Church, designed by Revd Thomas Scott

Sir Gilbert Scott, the architect of the Albert Memorial, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Midland Grand Hotel, St Pancras railway station was born in Gawcott. He was an English Gothic revival architect, chiefly associated with churches and cathedrals, although he started his career as a leading designer of workhouses. He was a prolific architect, designing or altering over 800 buildings.

Gilbert Scott’s father, Thomas, was appointed Curate to Gawcott in 1806. However, there was no parsonage at Gawcott, so he designed one in 1809 using Willmore of Buckingham as his builder. When his church developed structural faults and had to be demolished in 1827, he produced a design for a plain classical building, with Willmore again as the builder. The Scott family moved into the new parsonage in April 1810 and George Gilbert Scott was born there on 13 July 1811.