Highlights – Easton Maudit


Easton Maudit is an attractive small Northamptonshire village about 8 miles east of Northampton.

The church, a grade I listed building, is dedicated to St Peter and St Paul. Samuel Johnson, Oliver Goldsmith, David Garrick and other members of the Garrick Club were friends of Thomas Percy, who was rector from 1753 to 1782. As well as staying in the village they worshipped in the church; a plaque marks where they used to sit.

Percy’s Reliques, published in 1765, is a collection of ballads and popular songs which was influential in the ballad revival in English poetry.

The chief monument in the church is to the puritan Sir Christopher Yelverton, a Speaker of the House of Commons, who died aged 75 in 1612.

Derek Nimmo, the actor, lived in Easton Maudit and is buried in the graveyard.

Easton Maudit, facing N. St Peter and St Paul Church is visible between the houses.


Kitchener historic photographs of Easton Maudit