Highlights – Country houses


Among the historic photographs in the Kitchener collection are photographs of nearly thirty country houses in the area.

They include Little Linford Hall, part demolished in 1959. Further information about our lost country houses is available at Lost Heritage.

Center map

Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park, seen from across a pond and partially obscured by trees.

The Park Lodge.

Bromham Hall, seen from Apple Island on the River Great Ouse, facing NNW.

Bromham Hall, facing NE. The gravel driveway at the front of the Hall.

Bromham Hall, facing WNW, seen from the gardens.

The Manor House, Chackmore

The Manor House, Main Street, Chackmore, facing WSW.

Main Street, Chackmore, facing WSW. The Manor House can be seen right at the left edge of the photograph.

View of Brayfield House, Cold Brayfield (near Turvey), looking north.






Grendon Hall and the road bridge on Main Road, Grendon, facing SSW. Grendon Hall is now a residential training centre.

Exterior of Hartwell House

Exterior and gardens of Hartwell House.

“The Entrance”, Hartwell House

Church of The Assumption, now disused, in the estate of Hartwell House

Haversham Manor, house and lawn. Off the High Street, Haversham village

Little Linford Hall, seen from across the grounds, facing W.

Manor House, Newton Longville, facing NE

Oakley House and grounds, as seen from across the River Great Ouse, facing north

Rear view of Oving House on Dark Lane from the bottom of the grounds with trees down both sides. Photographer was looking northwards with Pitchcott road behind him.

Passenham Manor with the River Ouse in the foreground, crossed by an ornamental footbridge

A snapshot of Potterspury Lodge situated on the left side of of a road flanked by trees. This is now a school

A snapshot of the Avenue that lies on the side of Potterspury Lodge. The avenue is flanked by trees on both sides and there is a gatehouse to the left.

View of Manor House, Salford, with houses on both sides and two cars on the left side of the image.

South Front, Stowe School

South Front, Stowe School

North Front, Stowe School

Entrance gate, Stowe School.

Tingrith Manor viewed across the lake.

Tingrith Manor and grounds in front of the house.

View towards Tingrith Manor from the bottom of the approach.

Tingrith Manor viewed from the grounds and garden.

View of Tingrith Manor from the gardens and grounds.

View of Wavendon House from across the lake.

View through trees of the frontage of Manor House, Weston Turville.

Exterior of Wicken Park School (now Akeley Wood Independent School).

Dozens of children in the courtyard of Wicken Park School (now Akeley Wood Independent School).

South face of St John The Evangelist Church, Wicken. The Manor House can be seen at the bottom left of the photograph.

Ascott House and gardens

Ascott House and courtyard

Ascott House and gardens

Jubilee Gardens, Ascott House

“The Sundial” landscaped garden

The bronze fountain in the gardens of Ascott House. “Venus in her shell chariot attended by cherubs” by the American sculptor Thomas Waldo Story.