Highlights – Calverton


Only one photograph taken in the village of Calverton is available in the Kitchener Collection. It shows Manor Farm Cottages.

Manor Farm Cottages

Manor Farm Cottages

The recollections of Edith Tompkins who when a girl lived in the cottage at the far end of the row at the time of the photograph have been published on the web by the Calverton Records Project.

The cottages were known as the Five Hausen, and had corrugated iron fences between them at the back. Two had kitchens built out behind. The windows had shutters.

One of Edie’s earliest memories was waking at 5 o’clock one morning, in Manor Farm Cottages, to a great ‘hullabaloo’, down by the village pond opposite. Looking out of the bedroom window she saw that a carthorse had become bogged down in the pond, and men were using ropes and a team of horses to pull it out. She said that they did rescue the poor animal, but it was a sorry sight, exhausted and covered with mud.